Preface: What This Book Can Do For You ☆

This book cannot solve all your problems. But it can help you change your life dramatically for the better.

If you read Three Minute Therapy and consider what it says, you will find yourself looking at the world in a different way. Emotional troubles-your own and other people’s-will seem less mysterious and less powerful. You will understand that a great deal of advice offered by many therapists and counselors often only makes matters worse.

If you take the trouble to learn the techniques explained in this book, think about them, and apply them to your own problems, you’ll be able to tackle difficulties that may have so far seemed unmanageable. Some of your worst fears and anxieties will diminish or dissolve away, and you will become more effective at pursuing your chosen goals in life.

We call this book Three Minute Therapy because, once you have learned these techniques, you can then cope with most emotional problems by employing a Three Minute Exercise. Actually, to learn the techniques and the theory behind them will take a little longer-say, three hours to read this book, and three weeks to think it over.

The theory underlying this book is that of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), originated by Albert Ellis who deserves the credit for undertaking a revolution in psychotherapy. We have developed our own fresh way of explaining the exciting principles of REBT so that they become as vivid and simple as possible.

The case histories cited are all drawn from Dr. Edelstein’s clinical experience. Names and other personal details have been changed, and in some instances details of two or more different clients have been combined in one composite personality. Both authors had some input on every page of this book; in most cases, the fundamental ideas came from Dr. Edelstein and the precise wording was a joint effort. "We" refers to both authors, while "I" always refers to Dr. Edelstein.