Are you suffering with these issues?

Anxiety & Worry
Panic Attacks
Low Self-Esteem
Relationship Problems

You can get the help you need to quickly change your life.

Three Minute Therapy  is based on the teachings of Albert Ellis who developed Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  It is a short-term, low-cost process that is most effective if you are looking for a scientific, in-the-present, active treatment for coping with life’s difficulties.

Here are the Principles:

You are responsible for your own emotions and actions.


Your harmful emotions and dysfunctional behaviors are the product of your irrational thinking.


You can learn more realistic views and with practice make them a part of you.


You will experience a deeper acceptance of yourself and greater satisfaction in life by developing a reality-based perspective.

If you relish the idea of taking control of your own life rather than remaining dependent upon a therapist for years, I can give you the tools to identify and overcome the true source of your difficulties. Three Minute Therapy will help you to reinforce realistic, self-benefitting beliefs, enable you to eliminate your emotional and behavioral problems and avoid new ones.

I’ve helped 1000’s of clients to overcome life-long problems in a brief course of therapy.

My name is Michael Edelstein and I can teach you how to be your own therapist so that you are not dependent on me for months or years of long-term therapy. My approach is ideal for individuals and couples seeking effective, short-term methods for coping with life’s difficulties. I offer practical homework exercises with helpful feedback and we customize my approach to make the therapy most effective for your situation.

I was trained by Albert Ellis.

How to get the support you need.


Phone/Online Therapy Sessions, Email Counseling
(National and International)


San Francisco
and Marin Counties
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Public Speaking, Workshops, Seminars, Media Interviews, and Supervision of Therapists

Self-Help Book

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