About Dr. Edelstein

Dr. Michael Edelstein has an in-person, online, and telephone therapy practice in San Francisco and Mill Valley, California. He specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and addictions, and is one of the few practitioners of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was also the San Francisco SMART Recovery Professional Advisor and has facilitated their meetings in San Francisco.

Three Minute Therapy is a modern approach to overcoming emotional and behavioral disturbances. It focuses on the present and can teach you how to take an active role in your recovery by helping to identify the unrealistic beliefs at the core of your psychological problems. This gives you powerful tools that you can use to change your thinking and dramatically improve your life.

Dr. Edelstein lectures nationally and internationally, appears on radio and television, and is published in psychological journals. He currently blogs on the Psychology Today website and has a regular YouTube channel and podcast called “Three Minute Therapy.” He wrote the advice column, "Ask Dr.Mike,” which appeared in the Mensa San Francisco Intelligencer and In the Know.

More about Dr. Edelstein:
  • Training Supervisor and Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute
  • Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists and is on its Board of Advisors
  • Past President of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy
  • Served as a Consulting Psychologist for the National Save-A-Life League, Inc., the oldest suicide prevention center in the United States
  • Certified Sex Therapist

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